Complex geometries, close tolerances

Precision engineering makes exacting demands of a company’s infrastructure: discipline is an absolute necessity in the manufacturing process.

Our precision engineering capability is based on our expertise, which has evolved over many years, and our carefully selected state-of-the-art equipment. Our wide range of products is reflected in the almost infinite variety of requests we receive from our customers. In plain English this means: “Contact us and ask the impossible. Pose a challenge.”

Foundation of our precision engineering capability: our carefully selected equipment and mature expertise.

Contact us and ask the impossible, Pose a challenge.

What we
offer you

Parts weighing less than 0.01 g and tolerances of ±0.01 mm.

The economical answer for complex, ready-to-assemble parts made of composite materials.

For testing or low-volume production, our proprietary range of master mold templates offers you viable solutions.

Precision engineering makes exacting demands of a company’s infrastructure and the manufacturing process.

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