System supplier with responsibility

Injection molding offers a wide range of possibilities

System supplier with responsibility

As an experienced system supplier, we offer a wide range of options and take full responsibility for the manufactured products and production steps. You define the desired vertical range of manufacture and we implement it - with precision and commitment to quality.

Value-based assembly production: Focus on core competences

Our focus on component manufacturing enables sustainable, value-based collaboration that goes far beyond price-driven transactions. By taking over secondary manufacturing processes, our customers can concentrate fully on their core competences. Prontoplast contributes extensive manufacturing expertise and ensures smooth, efficient processes.

Prontoplast: Quality & sustainability - Made in the heart of Europe

Prontoplast makes production in the heart of Europe "sexy" again. We stand for top quality, first-class service and proved sustainable production. These attributes create a positive response not only for us, but also for our customers in their respective markets.