Together, personal, committed and innovative - these are just four of the values that define PRONTOPLAST's daily work. It is therefore only logical for us to think ahead and make a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. Accordingly, we are working on this in the long term:




What we are actually doing:

Energy efficient
We consistently rely on state-of-the-art, energy-efficient equipment
Conserving resources
We have a clear stance on the promotion of resource-conserving production methods
Optimise packaging units
We proactively optimise packaging units to make the best possible use of the volume
We are digitalising all of our business processes and will be able to do practically without paper in future. We have already reduced our need for business paper by 50% over the past two years.
ISO 14001 certified
From 2024, we will certify our environmental commitment in accordance with ISO 14001
No waste of materials
We do everything we can to reduce the waste of valuable materials in production. Examples: We need a lot of water to cool our machines. To limit water consumption, we rely on a closed cycle. We use the waste heat from the cooling system for the water to heat our premises and those of our neighbours. We have also converted all light sources to LED technology throughout the company. Since 2016, we have also been consistently using fully electric injection moulding machines - more than half of our machines are now fully electric. The energy consumption of these machines is up to 90% lower than that of injection moulding machines with hydraulic drive systems. Compressed air, the most expensive energy source, is processed by us using state-of-the-art systems: Two redundant compressors of the latest generation work in synchronisation, achieving performance in the energy-efficient effective range. We feed surplus raw material from production back into the production process.
How can we help you?
Regardless of whether you just have an idea in mind, would like to know how our capacity is currently being utilized, or you already have a very specific quote or project request - feel free to contact us, also conveniently online.